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About Us

About Us


  • E- Push EG is proud to be the expert and really the only specialist company for providing Bulk SMS services in Egypt, with a background of 8 years vibrant experience in our market.
  • E- Push EG is a leading SMS Marketing and Bulk SMS Provider with high quality gateways, our target is not to provide just a Bulk SMS Services, our passion is to provide facts and real feature of service to our client through keeping up with the latest Bulk SMS technology and with a high level of honesty and direct manner.
  • E- Push EG provides Bulk SMS services through simple smart web interface developed to allow our end-users to use an advanced options to satisfy their communication needs, no need to download any applications or software or using specific devices, just login to our Bulk SMS platform via nearest connected device .
  • E- Push EG is Online Anytime, guarantees professionalism with the lowest cost and full real Technical Support; we carry thousands of news, updates, congratulations and alerts allowing you to communicate instantly and easily.

Our Values


  • Guarantee a full real logic support.
  • Keeping up with latest SMS Technology trends.
  • Pushing to maximize you delivery ratios.
  • P roviding high end quality in a lowest price.

Our Vision


We are inspired by our client’s thoughts and aspirations, so we are the trusted by hundreds of companies to deliver their brands via SMS Channel

We Are Expert - In Our Service



Bulk SMS is our bread and butter, So we do have the ‘Know How’ of creating SMS campaign which matching your need.

E- Push EG offers Bulk SMS service solutions through many smart ways; Http API, Advanced reseller panel and he main way is the advanced end user account panel.

We are playing as a major intermediary between clients and the three mobile operators, via our Bulk SMS advanced gateway we commit to deliver your SMS to your clients by the time you click PUSH.

We provide additional to types of connection to enable wide range of entrepreneurs to use our Bulk SMS service.

  • Reseller Panel:

Basically is customized for agencies, with our reseller panel we enable you to create your own Bulk SMS platform, simple you can merge this simply smart panel with your website so that you can provide ready-made Bulk SMS services according to your clients need also you can define your own packages and rates, it is totally free and easy.

  • Http API:

The perfect way to integrate our Bulk SMS services into your application, website and software.Many pre-defined criterias to send a notifications or alerts can be created based on your system variables and your business needs.By using our API you will be enabled to connect directly to our Bulk SMS gateway, connect easily and quickly.


The Mobile Advertising is the new version of Bulk SMS service, which enables corporates to target a specific mobile user according to demographics, monthly spent rate, handset type and the kind of data usage.

  • Geographical targeting without additional fees.
  • Social class targeting through bills rates from 100+ till 500+ L.E without additional fees.
  • Handset type segmentation is available without additional fees.
  • Data roaming segmentation can be provided.
  • All SMS’s with dynamic sender ID.


LBA (Location Based Advertising):

LBA is he powerful marketing activity for a corporate to know that potential client is in close to their shop and take the advantage to offer them an attractive chance to take the final steps to be involved in the nearest shop.

The ability to engage with clients based on real time location, your LBA campaign will be delivered to in-market clients based on already pre-defined targeting location.

Reaching the client’s real positions, it’s a way to reach your customers closer to the buying decision than ever before.

Location based advertising works with technology that is able to detect when certain mobile phone enters specific radio signal of the closest cell-phone tower, the Radius from 300 M to 400 M around the targeted area.

We Have Great Clients

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Indoor Collection:

You are welcomed any time at our headquarter from 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM, just contact your account manager and arrange.

Outdoor collection:

Our delegated representative will attend to collect the due amounts with additional regular fees 50 L.E.

Bank deposit:

Commercial International Bank (CIB)

Account name: E Push for Integrated Solutions
Account number: 100032800933

Pay By Fawry


Vodafone Cash:

Cash transfer to 01008271597 with 2% additional fees of the deposited amount.

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